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Mediation Improves EQ

Meditation Improves Emotional Intelligence

A prime driver of superior decision-making is maintaining good impulse control.  Top leaders are able to maintain self-control, even under great pressure. Not only are they able to make better decisions and work with others effectively, they avoid the most common career derailment: rash, impulsive, emotional outbursts. Meditation can be one tool to help release stress, and to stay composed and focused.

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The Only Way I Know

For those of you who’d like a little motivation, here’s a dose on mega-drive. One aspect of great leadership is self-awareness and optimism. Tenacity in the face of adversity requires personal resilience and resolve. What keeps your competitive juices on high speed? What keeps your spirit soaring rather than sag? What keeps you in the game even when all else says otherwise? Here’s a song to help your spirit soar even higher!

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 Champions, Once Again.

Do you know what’s better than success? Sustained success!

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in a dramatic, game ending interception against the Seattle Seahawks.  Four Super Bowls titles in six Super Bowl appearances. Eleven AFC Championship titles. Brady has three MVP awards.  Belichick-Brady  have the most wins of any duo, surpassing Shula-Marino. The new records go on and on. As an executive coach and avid sports fan, I often draw on sports for inspiration.

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Down by 14 points not once, but twice, the New England Patriots battled today to eliminate the Baltimore Ravens and advance to the American Football Championship playoff game.  Fierce. They battled fierce, that’s their mindset. Fierce.

“We didn’t panic, You can’t score 14 points in one play. We played one play at a time,” Gronkowski said. I’d argue that mindset is the foremost weapon in championship performance. Every team has top athletes. Every team trains. Every team has game plans. However execution of the plan, requires more than all of those ingredients.  Mindset pulls it all together to either choke or to elevate the play into the most memorable feats such as we saw in today’s instant classic. Focus, conviction, no fear. Fierce.

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Upon reflecting on the events from last year to yesterday, we have seen humanity from it’s darkest crevices to it’s finest triumph of compassion and resolve to thrive, not in spite of but because of the unspeakable horrors. We came together as a city from all walks of life, from all sectors of work to help each other in unending waves of loving support.

Of the many delights in showing our undaunted will, courage, and heart, I find so fitting that the term “Boston Strong” bubbled up organically and was coined by the people and used for the people. And, so there it will  remain.  For all to use for the benefit of all!

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