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“In fact, it’s now estimated that, at the current rate of change, it will take until 2060 for women to reach parity with men in senior leadership roles worldwide.”
reported by Catalyst, February 2017

Women’s Leadership Is Hitting a Glass Ceiling

Women make up 47% of the US labor force.

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Even More Success Coaching will be at the MA Conference for Women Dec. 7th, 2017.

Women control 80% of consumer spending.

Women earn 60% of bachelor and master’s degrees.

Yet, women hold 5.6 % of CEO positions in S&P 500  companies, and 25% of senior management roles, and 36.4% of first mid-level managers, according to a report by Catalyst (2017).

Despite the progress in women’s professional advancement from 1980 to early the 2000’s, the slow pace of growth is expected to delay parity until 2060. Startling is the 31% uptick in US businesses that have no senior female leadership at all from 2011 to 2016. Gender parity issues are widely cited in Silicon Valley where it’s reported that women hold 14% of senior management positions in technology companies.


For women of color, it remains a case of still too few. Only 2.8% of board of directors in Fortune 500 companies were held by women of color, although they represent 36.3% of female population.  Women of color represent 11.9% of managerial/professional positions.

Women executives, particularly those in male-dominated industries face unique challenges both externally and internally. Despite studies that demonstrate the increased profitability in companies who have women board members, a Glass Ceiling separates women in top leadership positions.  Catalyst (2017) cites studies of gender stereotypes among senior executive leaders. Men reportedly are seen as “default business managers”, “think-manager-think-male.”  And, that women “take care, while men “take charge.”

A recent WSJ article cites the increased representation of women and minorities in new board positions in S&P 500 companies for 2017. Although this sign is a welcomed change for society and the bottom line, it will be interesting to see how men and women will manage the kick up of issues such as gender stereotyping and unconscious bias.

Executive Coaching with Women Executives helps them to:

  • Understand the external obstacles to success.
  • Override the internal obstacles to success.
  • Value their uniquely female abilities and perspectives.
  • Leverage their talents and collaborative skills to wield unique impact upon business.

Men and women are like two feet–they need each other to get ahead, ”
Helen Fisher, Ph.D.

What field has not been enriched by females? There is no modernity without the talent, passion, and steely intelligence of women,
Toni Morrison.