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I Love Success!

I Love Success!

I love success even more when it’s the success of one my client’s!

How gratifying it is to get a call from my client who, not only has been offered a promotion to Managing Director, but that the promotion occurred  while she is working in a male-dominated company, in a male-dominated industry, and, she’s 7 months pregnant!

Her secret sauce? Leveraging her EQ skills!

In our engagement, we focused on these areas:

  • How to continue the same level of performance pre-pregnancy while during her pregnancy.
  • How to leverage her EQ strengths to build powerful relationships, even with male curmudgeons. (EQ Skill: Interpersonal Relationships)
  • How to see things as they are rather than as they “should” be, which led her to engage more effectively in cross-silo collaboration, problem-solving, and flexibility to move her agenda forward. (EQ Skill: Reality Testing, Empathy, Flexibility).
  • Shifting her identity from that of star individual contributor to star leader.
  • How to use empathy skillfully across different types of personalities in order to build relationships, have the tough but sensitive conversations, and to win over the difficult peers.  (EQ Skill: Empathy).
  • How she shifted from being a doubting, people pleaser who wanted to be liked and transformed into being a respected listener, collaborator, contributor, and eventually influencer.
  • How to transform a tough conversation with her boss from fear and anxiety to a deeper alliance all by using self-awareness and empathy. (EQ Skill: Emotional Self-Awareness, Empathy).
  • How to see her natural empathy not just as a “bleeding heart” but as a marketable skill that she can skillfully draw upon in a variety of managerial situations to her success.

With the combination of executive coaching and a powerful tool that measures EQ skills, my client achieved Even More Success than she imagined possible. Her pre- and post-coaching EQ scores dramatically increased.  

EQ. Delivered.

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