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EQ Leaders Are In Demand

 EQ Leaders Are In Demand

Even More Success Coaching

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 MA Conference for Women

on December 6th and 7th, 2017

EQ Leaders are in demand. Did you know that less than 10% of leadership success relies on IQ? Of 6 competencies for new leaders, none are technical skills. In 2016, the the World Economic Forum advised that “overall social skills, EQ will be in higher demand across all industries than technical skills.”

Job candidates who have higher EQ also have better hiring and promotion rates. With rapid advances in technology, improving your EQ Leadership is a “must have” skill to help you be more effective in executive leadership roles.

The first step to improve your EQ is to have it tested.  Now there is a scientifically valid way to measure your 15 EQ skills and get targeted strategies. You can be more effective with your strengths, build up skills, identify blind spots, and fix career detailers.

New research has identified interesting gender differences in EQ. Men and women leaders have overall equal EQ. However, leaders vary in the EQ sub-scale patterns. These differences have key implications for leadership. Learn specific strategies for your personal EQ sub-scale pattern. Understand your specific EQ skills so that you can use them more intentionally and strategically. Success!


Even More Success Coaching will be at the 2017 MA Conference for Women.

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Star Leaders have superior emotional intelligence

Star Leaders Have Superior Emotional Intelligence

Star Leaders have superior emotional intelligence

Star Leaders Have Superior Emotional Intelligence. The Key to Success!

Star Leaders Have Superior Emotional Intelligence

Did you know that the top 10% of star leaders have superior emotional intelligence skills?  While EQ may get you in the door, it’s your EI that keeps you rising up the ranks. Using superior emotional intelligence skills is the decided edge skill that not only propels you into the top 10% executive leadership, it also is correlated with satisfaction in key areas of your personal life.

…….”the benefits of EQ-coaching are not just confined to the workplace — they produce higher levels of happiness, mental and physical health, improved social and marital relationships, and decrease levels of cortisol (the stress hormone),” writes Tomas Chammoro-Premuzic


Listen to Daniel Goleman explain how star leaders have superior emotional intelligence skills, which is the “must have” skill for Even More Success in the workplace.

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Stress Reduces Emotional Intelligence

Stress Reduces emotional intelligence

Stress Reduces Emotional Intelligence. Crazy Busy? Breathe.

Stress Reduces Emotional Intelligence

Crazy Busy? Breathe

Did you know that stress reduces emotional intelligence?  It is a common reaction to “dumb down” under stress no matter how smart or experienced one might be. Worry, panic, and stress  have cascading effects that compromises our thinking, decision-making, and interactions with others.  Not good for top leadership skills!  It is no wonder that a hallmark EI skill of top leaders is Stress Tolerance, or the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Typically, we react to stress with negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn affects how we behave and make decisions. Stress creates thoughts that are more negative, critical, or unduly catastrophic. We tend to distort, exaggerate, oversimplify, or ignore key events.

Stress alters our emotions such that we get more anxious, angry, irritable, and overwhelmed. Our interactions with others are impacted when we are thinking more negatively and are losing emotional control,   We become curt, arrogant, or impulsive rather than civil and sociable.  Or, we may hunker down and isolate rather than collaborate and problem-solve.

You are probably  familiar with the surge of stress hormones like adrenaline. Are you also aware that your breathing becomes more shallow and less oxygen flows throughout your body? Your muscles tense up. Your heart rate quickens.  Blood pressure elevates. We may overwork, under sleep, eat poorly, and skip exercise; all of which worsens the stress cycle. Further, does your stress reaction inspire followership or alienation at work?

Does your stress cycle inspire followership or alienation at work?

Meditating and learning how to breathe is one tool to nip the stress cascade effect. By intentionally manipulating our breathing, we can actually alter our physiological response to stress. Deep breathing brings calm to a highly activated body.  Focused breathing disrupts the chain of negative thinking. Heated emotions subside. Our physiological systems calm as more oxygen flushes through our system. Once calmer, our thinking actually becomes clearer as the frontal cortex of our brain is re-engaged. We regain our ability to think creatively, analytically, and intuitively. We are better able to reason and to problem solve.  We are more flexible rather than rigid.  Finally, we are nicer to be around and others may be inspired to work with us and for us again.

Training yourself to remain calm and focused is a critical leadership skill. Learning to control your breathing is one key tool to stay calm and laser focused. Like strength training, it takes daily practice to learn to actively manipulate your breathing and reap the benefits to your health, body, mood, and even your career.

Get a simple method of breathing, by clicking below, and get Even More Success now.

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Mediation Improves EQ

Meditation Improves Emotional Intelligence

A prime driver of superior decision-making is maintaining good impulse control.  Top leaders are able to maintain self-control, even under great pressure. Not only are they able to make better decisions and work with others effectively, they avoid the most common career derailment: rash, impulsive, emotional outbursts. Meditation can be one tool to help release stress, and to stay composed and focused.

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The Only Way I Know

For those of you who’d like a little motivation, here’s a dose on mega-drive. One aspect of great leadership is self-awareness and optimism. Tenacity in the face of adversity requires personal resilience and resolve. What keeps your competitive juices on high speed? What keeps your spirit soaring rather than sag? What keeps you in the game even when all else says otherwise? Here’s a song to help your spirit soar even higher!

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 Champions, Once Again.

Do you know what’s better than success? Sustained success!

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in a dramatic, game ending interception against the Seattle Seahawks.  Four Super Bowls titles in six Super Bowl appearances. Eleven AFC Championship titles. Brady has three MVP awards.  Belichick-Brady  have the most wins of any duo, surpassing Shula-Marino. The new records go on and on. As an executive coach and avid sports fan, I often draw on sports for inspiration.

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