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In 2016, the World Economic Forum advised that “overall social skills including Emotional Intelligence skills will be in higher demand across all industries than technical skills.”

Of the 6 core competencies for new leaders, all include EQ skills and none regard technical skills. Despite the well known fact that successful leaders score higher in their EQ skills, only 60% of new leaders receive training.

In a 2013 Stanford Study, nearly all CEO’s wanted coaching yet only a third received it.  Although CEO’s may be “lonely at the top,”  it can be lonely “in the middle” too.

Many high potential executives are extremely talented and rise quickly, yet they have no where to turn when the inevitable occurs: negative feedback that can stall a promising career. Most do not  know how to transition from technical genius to inspiring leader. Most do not realize that a whole new skill set is needed.


It’s truly a case of “what got you here, won’t get you there.”


You are hungry and driven to stay alive, to stay relevant, and to keep moving forward.  However, your company isn’t investing in you, so you are driven to invest in yourself. You have the focus, time and resources to develop new skill sets with an external resource that is wholly private from your company.

Even More Success Coaching is dedicated to helping busy executives get rapid and accelerated success by using state-of-the-art technologies, assessments, and executive coaching approaches.

Private. Rapid. Results. Delivered.


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 With over 20 years of combined clinical and coaching experience, Dr. Pat Arroyo helps executive leaders in Banking, Finance, Accounting and Technology.

Companies that my clients work at include:


Santander Bank

Income Research + Management

Trip Advisor

Zoll Medical Device

Ernst and Young


Harvard Pilgrim


Whether virtual or in-person, Dr. Arroyo is here to help you have Even More Success.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching accelerates career success, especially for high potential executives. Return on investment and client satisfaction is impressive.

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Top leaders outperform others in having superior emotional intelligence skills. EQ skills accounts for 27-46% of workplace success.

Women Executives

Women can face external barriers in the workplace and even self-imposed ones. Learn here how to break through to have Even More Success!


Leadership Performance EMDR

Enhance leadership skills by replacing faulty beliefs with winning mindsets by using a powerful tool, EMDR Coaching.

Executive in Crisis

Life happens to even the best leaders. Divorce, loss, or medical illness can impact focus, productivity, and motivation. Private coaching can assist during these times to cope and build resiliencies.



The % of New Leaders Who Do Not Get Training?


% of Hiring Managers Who Promote a Candidate With Higher EQ Over One With Lower IQ


Of 6 Core Skills For New Leaders, How Many are Technical?


What % of women command the top 5 leadership positions in S&P 500 companies?


Sweet Success!

Read how our clients have advanced their careers and realized the benefits of private executive coaching.

Executive Leadership

Female VP, early 30’s, of a global bank, transitioned to a new manager role by dramatically improving her EQ skill set over 15 months of coaching, resulting in a promotion to SVP while being 8 months pregnant.

Male CIO, mid-50’s, of an energy company addressed impulse control issues, interpersonal effectiveness, and managing a personal crisis. He dealt with the impact of layoff on his professional identity, finances/retirement, and family.

Within two EMDR coaching sessions, a female SVP reduced her reactivity to “not being valued as a woman” to “they are just going in a different direction.” Results were enhanced effectiveness and influence with her predominantly male executive management team.

Male IT executive, early 30’s, transitioned to a new leader role by improving his EQ skill set, learning to appreciate the importance of emotions in creating effective interpersonal relationships, and having greater influence.

In-person or virtual, get your complimentary coaching session now to see how you can accelerate and have Even More Success!


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